Art and University

Recently, I’ve been looking at universities, again..

I’ve given up on the idea of doing sciences or mathematics at university, not because I think I’d find them difficult, just because they don’t excite me. And there’s no point in wasting three years of my life in something that I’m not passionate about.

And that is why I’ve started to look at art universities again. I’ve narrowed it down to a few, from UCL to Oxford, and then Swansea, Newport and CSAD. Yeah, I’ve got a bit of a thing for Wales..

But then, thinking about it, what exactly could I do with an Art degree? This is the ONE question that’s holding me back at the moment, as money will be super-tight, and at least with science, there’s loads of bursaries and scholarships, and almost guaranteed jobs at the end, with art, there’s what?

There’s lots. Lots and lots and lots and lots, but there’s too many, and most of them seem to be too big a goal for a student without the reputation of the bigger names in the already-saturated artistic sector.

So, here are some crazy, crazy ideas of what I could do with an arts degree, that I really feel would be fun!

Start a small clothing boutique, create advertising campaigns, get involved with musical artists, work on interior design, spontaneously create a massive piece of art in a public place, etc, etc..

And here are some massive, massive things that I feel would really help me in an artistic career..

Learn another language (or several), travel the world and visit many countries, learn many skills that have a niche market, stay ahead of the technological game and its creative uses, make important friends in the business industry, gather a group of friends with wide skills and interests to turn to, etc, etc..

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