About Me

Hello. (English)

Hola. (Español)

Bonjour. (Francais)

Helo. (Cymraeg)

Hej. (Dansk)

Me llamo Callum, and I live in England. At sixteen years of år, I currently go to college. Between my long stints of studying hard, I enjoy nothing more than a lovely walk to the beach, or a Starbucks coffee, or writing a highly-opinionated blog post about people, society, or the world in general. (Also, I love the occasional fiesta de jirafa avec mes amis)

I’m an aspiring high-achiever, and un dydd, rwy’n caru i fyw yng Cymru, in the city of Cardiff, maybe studying art, or science, or society. (Noget virkelig)

It’d be sjovt to be bilingual or polylingual, but I only fluently speak English, and Google Translate.

So, like, why don’t you go back to the home page and read some of my lovely artículos?

What do you think?

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