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Little Trinkets, Chic Handmade Jewellery

I’m a big fan of unique accessories and clothes, and it’s even better if you can help out creative individuals that spend their time producing handmade items that look chic, professional and different.

One of my friends on Twitter has started producing her own jewellery, and selling it! I know what you’re thinking, I bet they look dull, naf, unprofessional, boring, but no, they’re the total opposite! Her pieces are so chic, fashionable, and perfectly styled for vintage outfits! So, I thought, why not help a friend out, and get some background on the pieces, so I asked some questions!

What inspired you to start producing your own jewellery?

Well, it actually started out as a new hobby for me to get involved with; a friend of mine made me a couple of bracelets for my birthday last summer, and I just got hooked on the idea of making my own jewellery! There’s already a lot of stuff out there in the Jewellery market, but making it myself just seemed a lot more appealing. Buying handmade goods is a lot more appealing to me and I’m sure it’s the same with others. I got crafting and I just fell in love with the craft.

Mockingjay necklace, purchase HERE (£8)

What’s the favourite piece of jewellery you’ve made?

I have to say my ‘MOCKINGJAY’ necklace has to be my favourite. Not only do I love The Hunger Games trilogy, but it allowed me to make something pretty cool from just a few pieces of silver rather than just adding a complete ready-made pendant onto a piece of chain. A lot of love went into ‘MOCKINGJAY’!

Can you tell us more about the process that goes into making a piece, where do you get your inspiration from, and how does it all come together in the end?

Well, sometimes it’s as simple as buying some charms, laying it out in front of me & then making a necklace out of it – where the easy pieces come from. Then you get the pieces which takes days to design – sometimes I’m constantly thinking about one necklace I’m making for a custom order all day long! I get ideas from my own jewellery, what I see others wearing what I see in the window as I walk through town, etc. This all merges with the ideas I’ve already got in my head, until I can make a great, unique piece. Designs usually come easy to me; it’s mostly a matter of finding the right bits and pieces to make sure it all comes together the way I want it.

My personal favourite pieces are these vintage rose necklaces what inspired you to make these?

I actually ordered the roses during the height of my obsession with rose cabochons (which still continues!) – I just think they’re beautiful, and the colours are just lovely! They’re simple necklaces, but have a vintage air about them & I just love anything that screams ‘vintage!’ at me. I guess that’s the sentimental me talking. I did enjoy taking the photos too :P

Next page- my handpicked favourites.

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