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Mary Portas Is An Inspiration

So recently I’ve watched all of ‘Mary’s Bottom Line’ and ‘Mary Queen of Frocks’, about Mary Portas’s fight with fashion. In ‘Bottom Line’, she tries to restart British manufacturing, producing some lacy underwear, and in ‘Queen of Frocks’, she takes on the lack of fashion for woman in between teenagerdom and old age. She really is an inspiration, like, for me, and for a lot of other people. I used to watch ‘Mary Queen of Shops’, when it was on BBC2, and she really implanted the idea that business and fashion aren’t things that other people, big important rich people do, but something that everybody could do. Her ideas about how shopping should be an experience and how it should be fun, seem like such simple ideas that are just overlooked by most of the businesses I’ve visited.

The idea of owning a little chic shop somewhere, and having a job in fashion, but not working for somebody else, just seem like it would be so fun, and I hadn’t even thought about it until I watched her television shows. I know it’s a far-fetched idea, and it might not happen, as I’m not targeting fashion as a career path at all, but, as I’m an art student, aspiring to study art at university, then why couldn’t I take the short jump into fashion as well? All fashion is is art with clothes, and I don’t need to be taught how to apply my artistic mind to fashion, it’s all instinct and skill, and skills are something that you develop, and I already have the artistic instinct into what looks good and what doesn’t.

It’d be so fun to just be able to own a little piece of the world where I can build this little place where the rules are different, where I can have fun and be creative, and to make money from that as well, that would be the best thing in the world. The thing is, I don’t really know where to start, because it’s just a typical gay career, fashion, so I’d rather not talk about it with teachers, career advisers, so I don’t look silly, it’d have to be something I work on by myself, but that’d just make it more of a journey, an exciting adventure.

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