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Philosophy, Maths, And The True Meaning Of Learning

I’ve been looking at university lately, and one course that really strikes me as interesting is Philosophy And Mathematics. (Maybe with some psychology in my first year..)

Philosophy is the study of why, it is the subject that deals with the big, complicated questions, such as “Does God exist?”, “Do souls exist?”, “What is human nature?”, and Mathematics is the study of what is, it is the basis of all scientific knowledge, and is underlying most, if not all, of today’s society.

So, if you’re studying the very vague and unanswerable, and the very precise and definite, then surely the knowledge you’d gain from both, even if not that useful when applied to the other subject, combined, would give you the tools to examine almost all problems?

And that’s one of the true appeals of the course to me. The other is probably how varied the topics are. Philosophy is about inexact answers, and if I get tired of that, I have Maths to fall back on, where the answers are exact and precise.

So, here’s something to take away from this post, a personal view that I’ve revised time and time again. Learning isn’t about knowledge and facts.

Learning is about two things, skills and thoughts, together they shape how you view the world, so learning as much as possible for learning’s sake is the best thing you could do with your time.


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