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How To (Not) Revise

Here are a few quick tips on how to get around that pile of work that sits on your desk, staring at you. It’s there right now, isn’t it, intimidating you. Don’t worry, for I am going to help you ignore it!

  • Get yourself online.

Them twenty unread Facebook inboxes that you never read, maybe you should. What if they’re important? There could be a vital snippet of information in that inbox from three months ago.

This applies to emails too. What if that rich Nigerian prince really does want to send you loads of money? What if a rich Chinese businessman really does need your services to get money out of the country? What if you really do need discount prescription-only drugs?

  • Go for a walk into your closest shopping centre.

That shop that you’ve never been into might contain some amazing deals, you should really spend at least ten minutes exploring it. You checked a shop half an hour ago? Go in again, they might have added more stock! You’re feeling the slightest bit tired? Go grab a coffee from your local café, but always remember, you have to sit in to drink it, what if you stepped outside and tripped over and spilt it, what if a rabid animal tackled you to the ground for your precious latte? Yes, you better sit indoors and relax for half an hour or so.

  • Learn origami.

This technique is doubly effective, as you’re practising an ancient tradition, enriching your cultural mindset, and reducing the amount of paper on your desk at the same time. You don’t need that important letter, homework, coursework, deadlines, deadlines, deadlines, wouldn’t they be more useful and decorative as cranes, flowers, fortune-tellers, stars?

So, next time you feel pressured to maybe revise for your exams, make some important finances, or do anything productive, remember this guide!

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