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WikiHow, Or Why You Don’t Need To KNOW Any More

If you’ve never heard of WikiHow, then you’re missing out. Seriously, this is the only website you need if you want to know anything from how to make an iced green tea, or where to start if you’re new to palmistry.

With over 120,000 articles, there really is a massive bank of articles to read through, which allows you to learn anything, or get a background knowledge of almost anything , and is one of the reasons why, in our new internet-centric world that’s developing in the Western culture, you don’t need to know anything at all. There’s no longer any need to memorize how to say, wire a plug, or clean a toaster, or really anything at all, because it’s all there on the internet, if you’re lacking the knowledge to do something, it’s on the internet ready for you to digest, and then directly copy from. No need to remember how to do it, or even remember where you found this information, because you can bookmark the page for future reference. Really, the whole internet is like a giant “For Dummies” book, letting you learn whatever whenever however. How-to videos, articles, picture guides, on everything from the every-day to the downright obscure.

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